Jerry Borwick’s love for photography began with his first 110 camera purchased with his paper route money at a local drug store for $35 in Peoria, IL back in 1978. He still brags about the picture he took of his neighbor Gaylen Anderson. Jerry says “It was the perfect shot; Gaylen in full stride, perfectly centered and the background was fuzzy with motion. It rivals any shot I have taken since!”

Photographing for the Woodruff High School yearbook all four years, Jerry developed his skills technically and artistically. He shot his first wedding at 17 years old and is glad he gave away the negatives so he doesn’t have to look at how terrible they must have been. “I keep reminding myself that the clients got what they paid for, $50 worth of pictures.” The next wedding, Jerry took a tremendous risk and increased his price to $75. A career was born.

Jerry Borwick Photography (also known as Your Eyes Photography) was established in 1992 with his wife Laney in Martinez, California. Shortly after, the Borwicks were off to lovely Memphis, Tennessee in 1995. The first question everyone asked was “Why????!!! Why leave paradise for Memphis?” To which Jerry replies “Memphis provides my paradise. I can raise my family, live in a nice house and teach our children what a blessing it is to be a child of God. I am living my dream by supporting my family as a photographer.”

Over the years Jerry has photographed over 500 weddings. His wife Laney is a huge part of their business since she does all the bookkeeping, computer work, album production and office management. Life is busy with the business and four boys, ages 14 and under. Jerry dreams about the future: “I would imagine that in 5 years I will be able to increase our volume by 4 times. Have you ever heard of the term indentured servants?